Humble doom-funk band just trying to get to space.

More About the Guys!

I'm going to give you several options and you can choose which sounds the coolest.

Nate was fighting a bad guy when Thomas was like, 'Sup?' and then Nate was like, 'Hey, just fighting this bad guy, wanna help?' then he was like, 'yeah, imma ask this other guy to help'. The other guy was Michael Schell and he blessed bad guy with the power of Saxophone Jesus and the bad guy somehow got worse and turned into Kyle. Once all agreeing on their differences and what makes them unique, they poured one out for the homies and started a band, Fenestra Funk.

So Michael Schell and Thomas met as infants and became best friends, as infants do. Going from job to job, they stumbled upon a Kyle, he often chilled. Michael Schell was once discussing the sweet sweet music of Dave Brubeck in the depths of Zeitgeist when Nate overheard, and agreed, "such sweet goodness", he said. They all somehow decided to make a band, Fenestra Funk.

Thomas was walking down 4th street (probably on his way to Shanty's or the Coop, no in-between) and tripped, as he tripped, Michael Schell drove by- at that time, a stranger- yelling at Thomas from the car, "YOIP!!!" Later that evening, Kyle and Nate (whom have been friends since their basketball days) sat next to Michael Schell. To break the ice, Michael Schell told them the hilarious story of some dude tripping on practically nothing earlier, they all laughed for years. Tomas, the Yoiper himself, walked up to the bar, only glancing in their direction, not knowing he was the reason for the tears of laughter streaming down their faces. Nate says to Thomblas, "Aye, lemme git a cigarette" and that gave way to Fenestra Funk.

In the old days, when the Red Herring was open, Kyle decided to swing by for a beer, as he often did after work. That night, a dude bro had the same thought (!), that dude bro was Michael Schell. They struck up some casual conversation about the weather or ya know line cook things, (that's when Thomas joined). That same night, across the bar, Nate was sweet-talking some cute girl! Whaaat!! So then they ALL get to chatting, got along swimmingly, and bam! Fenestra Funk!

What's your pick?

Where to find us

Around town

What to do bout it

Come out to a show and say hi! Hit the dancefloor with your friends and make it a night.

That's what I do anyways :) -Jessica


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